Friday, May 11, 2012

Neil "graduated" from this . . .

to this. 

He has grown so much. A few weeks ago he was 19 lbs. 8 oz. and just about 29 inches long. 
He has had many firsts since I last updated. 

-He had his first swing ride, and in this picture you can see his first tooth.
-He is a great eater. He will usually take whatever I give him. The first time we tried peaches he pushed them back out, but that was very early on in our baby-food-eating trials and he ate a jar without incident just yesterday. 

-He is mobile. He has been rolling for a long time. For a while he was like zoolander- only able to turn in one direction. Now he rolls, rocks, army crawls, scoots, and has recently been pulling himself up on his knees, like a partial stand. He also is doing a move kind of  like Down-Dog in yoga. He is pretty cute. 
He is quite strong which is making diapering kind of akin to wrestling. 


-He had his first nebulizer treatment a number of weeks ago. Izzy and Neil had Bronchitis. Neil's was a worse case. They had us get a nebulizer to use at home. It was a rough week. Dave was in Canada that week. 

 -His brother and sister still adore him. (We all do.) 
They want to hold him, carry him, feed him, bath him, etc. 
Izzy has even changed a few diapers. I should let them help more. I just get protective. 

He is such a content and happy boy. I am a lucky momma.

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