Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Pictures

Back in September the Langston Family got together to take family pictures.
If you are on Facebook you will have seen most of these. 
I was so happy to get a chance to take a picture with my own little family. The family picture I had up on my wall was from when Izzy was 2 or 3. We had taken other pictures, but I am terrible at getting pictures printed. We bought a few new black shirts, and hoped for the best. I love them. 

I love this picture of my mom and dad-in-law with all the Grand-kids. 

I will also include Izzy's and Corban's school pictures for this year.
I (still) need to print out a picture of Neil to hang on the wall next to them. One thing at a time. :)  

Now we just need a picture of all the Doxey side of our family.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ahoy, landlubber! Look out for Captain Neil!

This year was the 10th anniversary of Aaaarghs! 
(Don't miss out next year mark September 19 on your calendar.)

We decided a pirate theme for his 1st birthday would be fun.
Neil was not a willing participant, but we got a picture of him wearing his eye patch. 
He is so embarrassed by this picture, so don't tell him you saw it. 

He loved his cake. Who doesn't like the All American Chocolate cake from Costco? 
Arrgh! No pirate party would be complete without bandannas, eye-patches, and tattoos.

"Hand over the loot, or I'll make ya walk the plank!" That was Izzy's favorite saying. Corban wanted to call it booty, but I think he just wanted to be able to reference a booty without getting in trouble. Oh, 7 year-old boys and potty humor. Does it keep getting worse? 

Izzy continues to wear her pirate costume (that is what she calls the patch and bandanna). 
She is probably wearing her costume right now.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.
 We also had a party at my parents house the previous Sunday. 
My Uncle Gary and his wife Michelle were in town. It was a fun day. 
I LOVE this picture that my dad took!

My kids wanted to eat all of these cupcakes. The birds on them are rings. They wanted one of each.

The topper on the little cake was plastic....it took the frosting with it when we pulled it off. Oh, well.

He probably was mad that it wasn't chocolate.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great party.

See you in another 4 months... that's about as often as I update this blog.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Neil "graduated" from this . . .

to this. 

He has grown so much. A few weeks ago he was 19 lbs. 8 oz. and just about 29 inches long. 
He has had many firsts since I last updated. 

-He had his first swing ride, and in this picture you can see his first tooth.
-He is a great eater. He will usually take whatever I give him. The first time we tried peaches he pushed them back out, but that was very early on in our baby-food-eating trials and he ate a jar without incident just yesterday. 

-He is mobile. He has been rolling for a long time. For a while he was like zoolander- only able to turn in one direction. Now he rolls, rocks, army crawls, scoots, and has recently been pulling himself up on his knees, like a partial stand. He also is doing a move kind of  like Down-Dog in yoga. He is pretty cute. 
He is quite strong which is making diapering kind of akin to wrestling. 


-He had his first nebulizer treatment a number of weeks ago. Izzy and Neil had Bronchitis. Neil's was a worse case. They had us get a nebulizer to use at home. It was a rough week. Dave was in Canada that week. 

 -His brother and sister still adore him. (We all do.) 
They want to hold him, carry him, feed him, bath him, etc. 
Izzy has even changed a few diapers. I should let them help more. I just get protective. 

He is such a content and happy boy. I am a lucky momma.

Random Pictures and Thoughts

-Neil loves his daddy. He even ditched me and did his first "lean" transfer to Dave the other day. He normally picks me over everyone.

-Corban and Izzy in the car. Yes, we shaved Izzy's hair. It was a matter of follow-through. She loves it unless someone mistakes her for a boy. She is amazing though. The other day I reminded her to get a headband before leaving for school. Her confident response, "It's ok, mom. They already know I'm a girl." You can't argue with that. She is a spunky girl with a unique sense of fashion. She loves her brothers.

-Corban's grade had a Mother's Day celebration. They had an adorable program, shared some artwork and poems (see above. Apparently I like lizards and eating fish.). He just made my heart melt. Some afternoons are hard for us. We are both stubborn and sometimes I lose my temper when he gets in a mood, but lately we have been doing better.
Let me 'splain. Raising children has been such a joy and a challenge. I often find myself having to step back and reevaluate how to better handle certain situations. I don't want to explain everything, but Corban and I were butting heads more and more frequently.
Corban and I were having such a struggle almost daily after school. He would get mad, and then I would get mad. We were taking turns crying, etc. So during conference I tried to listen for answers. I am not sure if I have even earnest sought answers to a specific issue before, but I learned that if you seek you will find. Maybe it sounds cheesy or you think I'm being lame, but I know the Spirit truly taught me. There were a few times I heard things that helped, and this talk had some great things in it including: "We will teach our children to understand as we take advantage of every teaching situation, invite the Spirit, set the example, and help them live what they learn."   I have learned to repeat the words "invite the spirit in" silently to myself. It has helped diffuse some crazy times between us. The more loving and patient I am the shorter and less violent the outbursts. Sorry for the tangent. I am just very grateful to have found something that helps.

-The last picture is Neil in the tub. He loves to play in the water. I can't wait to take him swimming again.