Monday, October 3, 2011

A few recent pictures. . .

Things are going well. Neil is such a sweet boy. The days seem to be flying by without me being able to accomplish much, but I am trying to just enjoy my time with the kids. My house is suffering for it, but that is alright. I need to just enjoy and love these kids while I can. The necessities get "done" for now and life still goes on even if I don't get to do the projects that fill my mental to-do list. 

Since I haven't really figured out how to fit everything I want to do into my day... blogging/computer time is going to be pretty low on my list until I get the swing of things. For now, here are a few pictures taken my my father, of course. (Thank you, Dad.)


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The Pettit Family said...

That picture of Corbin sleeping with Neil on his lap is just precious.