Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school! First day of school!

While our morning wasn't quite this enthusiastic we were still excited. I think I was more like Nemo and he was more like the dad. He did get ready fairly quickly and ate up all of his breakfast without being told twice. I am excited, but a little nervous.

Like last year, I let Corban walk with the neighbor kids to school. I follow a few minutes later with the smaller kids in tow. By the time I made it to school Corban was seated, getting out his supplies to work on his assignment, and talking with the boy next to him. So far so good.

Corban decided that he wants to bring lunch from home rather than get a tray, but I wonder if after seeing the other kids or not wanting what I send him with he will change his mind. Finding things that are healthy, that can sit in a lunch bag all day, and that he will eat without being nagged may prove difficult. He doesn't like sandwiches as much as he used to.Even though we agreed to have him take a sandwich (last night) he changed his tune this morning so we had to compromise a bit this morning. Any ideas for foods?  I will just have to have great breakfasts and good snacks after school. At least he had a few healthy items I know he will eat- carrots, apples, and almonds. I am such a bum and didn't plan well so I didn't get over to the school for lunch time, and kind of trying not to beat myself up over it. Oh, well. What's done is done. I think I will try to strap all extra kids in the stroller tomorrow and brave the lunch room or maybe I will just have to wait until Friday (then I can get Izzy a sitter) so I can go eat with him. I know he will be fine, but boy do I have nervousness in my system today. It feels like the first time I sent him off on the bus for his preschool- I worried the whole time he was gone and he was having a great time and probably didn't think about me at all. Too much newness. At the school today he seemed content and I think I am just being worried. Let's hope the transition goes well. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Happily getting to work.