Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Next comes 1st grade?

Corban had his last day of school Friday, June 3. He is in kindergarten no more. I am so excited for him, and yet I have bits of anxiety about him being at school the full day. He'll be in a larger class.
He'll have to eat lunch at school... and I will not be there to make him eat more bites before he says he is done.
We are still trying to figure out his medication. I hate medicating him, but I know he needs the help it can give. I just wish there was a blood test he could take to know what he needs and we didn't have to keep experimenting.

I am so proud of him. He is a good boy and summer is going well so far. I hope I can keep things structured for all of our sakes.

Any suggestions for a smooth transition to 1st grade?

Blurry, but cute.
He was very happy to learn we have what he calls a "Wii"/"Intendo."

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