Monday, June 13, 2011


She said they were playing school and she was the teacher.

She had a book open on her lap and was pointing to things with a pencil.

It was very adorable to find her like this. She has now convinced 3 different neighbor kids to "play" this scenario. She loves being in charge.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Next comes 1st grade?

Corban had his last day of school Friday, June 3. He is in kindergarten no more. I am so excited for him, and yet I have bits of anxiety about him being at school the full day. He'll be in a larger class.
He'll have to eat lunch at school... and I will not be there to make him eat more bites before he says he is done.
We are still trying to figure out his medication. I hate medicating him, but I know he needs the help it can give. I just wish there was a blood test he could take to know what he needs and we didn't have to keep experimenting.

I am so proud of him. He is a good boy and summer is going well so far. I hope I can keep things structured for all of our sakes.

Any suggestions for a smooth transition to 1st grade?

Blurry, but cute.
He was very happy to learn we have what he calls a "Wii"/"Intendo."

Definitely Pregnant.

I have been feeling quite pregnant lately. I am only 25 weeks/around 6 months pregnant. I will include a picture, but I don't really like it. Corban was kind enough to take it.
Not a great picture, but this is my belly today.
Not that I didn't feel pregnant before, but it was less "noticeable." I was tired or sick. 1st trimester was fine, but I just didn't like food. 2nd trimester is the best. I love 2nd trimester. I may have had a few other minor issues but most things I can deal with (read: ignore) and still function as if I wasn't pregnant. Well, there have been a few hormonal days. They deserve to be mentioned. Silly hormones.

My main "symptoms" as of late:
-I had my first stranger-touching-my-belly-without-permission encounter. Those are always ... fun.
-Heartburn is starting to become a daily thing. It's not terrible yet, but I am prepared with my filled prescription.
-I can feel baby making himself at home in there; Acting like he owns the place. He moves like crazy sometimes, but he is still too little for me to share the magic that is feeling a baby move under the skin.
-I also have been feeling a little pressure on my ribs already. Oh, boy. It starts. I guess with 3rd trimester right around the corner I should expect this.
-I've also been having strange dreams again, but I think that is mostly because I fall asleep watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I must say I am getting pretty good at hunting down demons and vampires.

Anyway, I am getting excited for Baby/John the Baptist/Neil/He-who-has-not-been-named to join our family. (I will probably never decide on a name. Any suggestions?) I am still a little nervous. The fact that we are going to have a 3rd child is feeling very real. I guess it is time I start taking stock of what I have and buying necessities. Plus, I might be crazy enough to be cloth diapering this time around... still trying to decide. I had no idea there are so many options.

After he took the picture of my belly Corban wanted a picture of us all. 
P.S. I have been thinking much about labor and delivery. I have many ideas/things I want to try. My doctor said he is fine about me not wanting to be "strapped to the bed" and will just intermittently check the baby. HOORAY for that! I hate just lying there. This way I can get up and move around instead of just lying there relying on petocin to do the work for me. :) We shall see. Like I said, I have many ideas, and I am just glad that the doctor didn't shoot any of them down. But I am sure once I get into the delivery room I will be requesting my usual order of "Ok, I think I need the epidural right now."

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is a belly

Izzy has been writing her name for a few months now. Very cute. She thinks she has the "z" down. . . Issy and Izzy sound the same, right? 
Posing at the park. 
She climbed up and asked me, as she often does, to take her pick-cha. I told her I would take her picture "in a minute," because I was talking to a few friends. She tilted her head and said she would wait. Just another example of her tenacious personality. 

I am going to attempt fixing her hair today. You can see her uneven bangs and sides from her last hair cutting adventure. She is such a silly. Next time I am just going to shave it.