Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rescuing Worms

This is Izzy (and her faithful sidekick, Elliott) "rescuing" worms on our way home from the school. She would collect a bunch and then tosses them onto the grass and says things like, "Go back in the soil. . . all of you, all of you! Go back in the soil." And, "Here you go, worms. Go back to where you live.Go back." And then she would just throw the pile onto a lawn. Or she would hold one out and scream, "mom! This one has guts all over it." That made me want to gag a bit. 

Needless to say our walk home took a little longer than normal. :)

Oh, and yesterday she told me she was thirsty for some "excellent water."

I love my kids. They say the funniest things. Like the other day (and you may have already read this on Facebook) Corban told Dave they should play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets to name the baby. It was so random and it was very fun to listen to him direct game after game of RPS. Corban also told Dave that we need to have another baby. We thought he was talking about the one currently being incubated, but he mentioned the slide in the backyard and said, "We need someone to cover the slide." Which we finally understood as 4th child. He told us 6 months back that we needed a baby because we had only 2 kids and 3 swings. So you heard it hear first, apparently the size of your swing set determines the number of children you should have in your family. :) He has been adamant that he wants the coming child to be named John and then said that the 4th child would be named John the Baptist "from the Gospel of Christ." We are shocked again and again by their comments. Kids are awesome! 

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Lindsay said...

Ha, ha! Those kids crack me up.