Thursday, April 28, 2011


The big question?
Will baby #3 look like this...
(Corban's hospital photo, 2005.)

or this? 

(Isabelle's hospital photo, 2007.)

You can count on the blue background!
(Google image)

This morning we went as a family to get my ultrasound. The kids were a little bored as they checked for everything- head size, heart having the correct number of chambers, etc. Izzy was so mad when "It has outdoor plumbing" was heard. She told us to make it a girl. Sorry, Sis, no can do. Corban immediately spoke up that he would be named John and when Dave said "Neil" I was afraid it would turn into a fisticuffs.

Baby is normal. Everything is how it should be. Has 2 arms and 2 legs. She said he is about the size of 3 sticks of butter. So go go hold 3 sticks of butter in your hand and you will know how big our son is. Somewhere around 12 oz. (in weight)  if I am remembering correctly. He is measuring 4 days bigger in size, but the due date will remain the same. Sept. 19.

I have gained 1 lb since my last visit- that's 3 pounds less than my starting weight. Let's hope my appetite doesn't grow too much. I am close to the weight (about 5 lbs less) than I was when I delivered Corban. I don't mind gaining weight, but I also have been happy that I haven't gained much. I started out heavier this pregnancy so gaining less is totally fine and doctor approved. He said he was proud of me, but I have to admit that I haven't had much do to with it. I just listen to my body. Eat when I am hungry and try to be active, though I don't do much formal exercising. I chase kids around and try to walk when I can. That has been enough for now. I get you could count furniture moving and such as exercise. Anyway, I am rambling, but that is what I do.

Here's to a healthy baby boy come Sept! Thanks for checking up on us. I love you all!

(The ultrasound pictures will be posted soon. I just need to scan them.)


julie said...

Congrats! Blue, Blue, Blue!

Connie said...

Very exciting! I like both names. How about Neil John the Baptist Langston?

Scooter and Jessica said...

How exciting! You two do make cute little boys. =)

nic said...

Oooh, I like Connie's idea. Neil JB Langston! Hooray for little boys.

Lindsay said...

Hooray! I am happy I guessed correctly!