Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Sept 19th!

I don't know about you, but I am planning to have a very happy (and probably exhausting) Sept 19th...
or whichever day baby #3 decides to make her/his grand entrance.

That is right. The pictures in this post are of our (Mine and Dave's, of course...and don't let Dave tell you otherwise... he likes to tease) unborn child.

I am 11 weeks and 2 days (3 days by the time you read this... it's late) along.
The doctor gave us an estimated arrival date of September 19, 2011. I would enjoy this child being born on it's due date. I have a thing with numbers...Corban and I were both born on the 19th of our birth months (March and Oct). So the 19th would be swell. (Ya, I already know that I am moderately quirky.) Sept 19 is also my cousin Andrea's birthday.There are many friends with birthdays in Sept who are voting the child be born on their day. Corban was born 12 days early. Izzy was born on her due date... and so was I. :) We shall see. I like to let nature take her course, then I drive myself to the hospital... both times. True story.

For now we will just enjoy the pregnancy... until the summer heat comes and I start cursing and demanding snow-cones at all hours of the night. I get rather warm as a pregnant lady and I have always dreaded being pregnant during the summer... oh, boy. I'll just have to find some adorable and flattering dresses. What wouldn't look good on a whale of a woman? It's going to be very exciting so stay tuned.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot, many people have been requesting information on my current "feeling" status. I have it fairly easy compared to some ladies. I feel nauseated at different times throughout the day, but I rarely dispose of my stomach contents. That happens much closer to the end of pregnancy when heartburn takes over my life. Many foods taste "wrong" lately, and I currently have a bag of Doritos still UNOPENED in the cupboard. Something wrong with me? Yes, I'm pregnant. I have enjoyed fruit, especially strawberries. I am tired and have a little trouble sleeping. And sometimes I have the reoccurring dream/hallucination of a man or something evil in my room. It's ok, really. It's not as bad as it seems. Maybe it's as bad sometimes, but then I just turn on the lights and watch a movie or come downstairs and write a really long post (i.e. this one) for others to skim through and "skip to the end."

I really am excited about this little bundle. I have always felt like we were missing someone. He (Dave is voting for a boy) or she (either way is fine with me) will bring another dimension to our little family. I love babies.

By the time this baby is born Corban will be in 1st grade! Izzy will be in preschool, as long as she stays toilet trained, but I can't make any promises.

Corban and Izzy are both fascinated by the growing babe. Izzy keeps asking when it will come out and then when I had my Dr appt today she asked if I was going to get the baby out of my belly to bring it home. Not, yet. :) Then I had to explain why not yet. You know, the baby can't survive outside until it develops more.
Corban has been asking some very great questions about how the baby breaths, eats, goes to the bathroom, etc while inside my stomach. I have been very frank and open and even shown then pictures and videos of development. They were excited to see pictures of our baby  from my ultrasound today and Izzy grabbed them to show them off to a neighbor who came to the door. I think she may be excited.

Anyway, I don't blog much anymore, but maybe I can post some updates once in a while. Thanks for all of your well wishes and love. I have an amazing group of family and friends in my life. We are very blessed. I love you all!


Andi said...

We're very excited for you! We hope he or she comes on its due date as well! :)

julie said...

Congratulations! We hope all is and goes well!

Busty LaRue said...

Rache, that is so exciting! September is a great month. Marshall was born on the 30th, but I wouldn't wish you to go over 11 days, so don't worry about having baby #3 on his birthday ;)

Jana said...

Congratulations! That is really exciting and fun, I'm glad your kids are so enthused about it, that's really sweet. Hope you feel better soon too!