Saturday, November 13, 2010

Posing with Barbie.

This girl is always tilting her head and asking for me to take her picture.
Though often disheveled and creative in her dress she is always a cutie to me. 
(I never fight her about her wardrobe; I am just glad she is dressed.)

My son, the artist.

While playing at the park, he ran over to the pebbled-covered track and swiped lines in the ground. 
I arrived next to him to see this creation. He is so cool.
(If you can't see the little stick-figure man, then I will give you a hint. He is standing near the head.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I'm a present, Mom."

My son is sporadic. I love the times when he is sweet and silly.
This is a bag that came holding a pair of jeans I ordered a year ago. It sat around for a while in the laundry room. When I cleaned out the toy closet I found a need for it. It stores our giant Lego blocks, and now, occasionally holds my 40 lb son.

Monday, November 8, 2010

How do you do it?

"A wise parent would never miss a chance to gather children together to learn of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Such moments are so rare in comparison with the efforts of the enemy. For every hour the power of doctrine is introduced into a child's life, there may be hundreds of hours of messages and images denying or ignoring the saving truths."
Henry B. Eyring

After reading this quote I thought about how many ways there are to teach my kids the doctrine of Jesus Christ: reading, singing, talking to them after a "naughty" moment, being a good example, etc. Corban is loving learning hymns (so far), and all I do is sing them acapella  before prayer at bed. We have only done 2 so far, but he requests them over all other songs. Why didn't I do this before? :)

They also even want me to read scriptures sometimes, when at first it was "ah, mom. Not that book again." Seriously. They didn't like it, and now Corban will tell me to get my scriptures out at bedtime.

What are some ways that you teach your children good things? 

I would love great ideas for sporadic learning as well as planned moments (like FHE).

Behold the scooter swing.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just in case you need help remembering the months of the year.

Oh, well. What's done is done, right?

Sister cute her own hair. Oh, Joy. I tried to fix it. But didn't have a lot of time, and had kids to babysit.
Maybe I can revamp the cut in a few days. For now I just told myself, That'll do, Rach. That'll do.
It's just hair. It will grow back.

(It sort of looks like Jimmy Carrey's hair from Dumb and Dumber, if you only look at her short bangs from the front.)

Happy Halloween.

The pictures are really dark. Too bad.