Monday, August 23, 2010

Possible new member of the family

Meet [insert cute puppy name here]. Dave brought him home on Saturday. He is adorable. He is tiny. He is part mini-poodle/part wiener dog. I guess you could call him a Wiener Doodle. Which then makes me say in my head, " a poodle, a noodle, a doodle." (What About Bob?)
I love his coloring.
This little fella (If you have any name suggestions... please, do tell) is only 3 weeks old. His mom was really sick and had to be rushed off to the Vet, so Dave offered to take one of the 5 or 6 puppies since they have to be bottle fed and the owners couldn't take care of them all. Poor little guy.
Anyway, I am allergic to dogs. So we may not be able to keep him. We will keep you posted. 
(Those are my hands in the pictures. Dave can hold him in one hand.)

Reading time.

My Izzy loves to get books from the library. Sometimes, long after I have told her goodnight I hear pages turning in her room. She loves to look at books. She also likes to rip them. Beware. She always ruins the spanish books that are really wordy. Oh, well. The library lets us continue checking things out as long as we pay for damages.

Anyone care for some delicious camera?

This is what you get when you go to put some biscuits in the oven and you find a toy. Poor Izzy was so sad her toy camera was melted. I was just surprised to find the toy. At least it wasn't completely melted and was easily removed, though it was slightly stuck to the rack. I will be checking the oven before I turn it on from here on out. I am glad it was only a toy this time.

Fishing with Dad

Payson lakes

YrLloypstsy wruxpWrypWinsYrYoSyspspWors or He is a cutie.

FWD: Pix MESSAGE from Corban



Naturally, she had to give him a ride.


Cute. He keeps giving her rides.