Sunday, May 30, 2010

He loves to color lately...

How amazing? Pretty dang.

His gross motor skills are outstanding! He has been able to do the monkey bars for some time now, but I have never seen him cross our swing set before. He continued his swinging-arm-over-arm business at least 6 more times. Awesome!

School's out for summer...

It is crazy to think that Corban is going into Kindergarten this fall! He is just such a great kid. He "graduated" from preschool last week. His teacher told me he was a popular kid, that everyone wanted to sit by him and play with him. He hasn't had any aggressive outbursts in almost 2 months.... Thanks to his medication.
We have been so lucky. I am so grateful for all the help we have had the past 2 1/2 years from early intervention programs. Kids on the Move was wonderful and they transitioned us right into Alpine School District. He has had some wonderful teachers, and made so much improvement. When he first started the early intervention he only used about 9 words. When he entered the school district's program at 3 years-old he was still all over the the place and qualified with a "developmental delay." His teacher tested him on general knowledge and skills and he answered correctly about 10-26% of the time. When she gave him the same test recently he was correct about 86-100% of the time! His original teacher said she would have never believed he would make this much progress. He gets to attend regular kindergarten! I am so happy for him! 
This is a gift he made us at school. 

Corban's American Flag

Backbends and trike tricks

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love this kid!

Road trip!

They woke up in New Mexico!

We took a very quick trip to New Mexico to pick up my new (to me) Volvo wagon. I love it. Thanks Dave. It was a fun trip. Thanks Dan for your help. The kids were a bit crazy. We all went a little crazy from being trapped in a car for so long, but it was fun to be trapped as a family. Or maybe it seems like it was fun now that it is over. I love my family.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's those dang scissors again...

Just a little snip there and a cut here. Now let me look at you....
Perfect! (She is so mad at me for taking her picture, she was moody the night I took this. I don't know where she gets it... I am never moody. Never. I am perfect. Poor and perfect, with eyes like the sea after a storm.....)

I found strands of hair on the floor in the bathroom. Upset I charged in the kids room, even though it was bedtime. I left the light off, but quickly looked through Izzy's hair. I couldn't tell from where the hair had been cut . . .  until the morning. Then I noticed short hair near her part that blended in surprisingly well. You really can't tell unless you are looking for it, but she has an amoeba shaped section of very short hair. Oh, well. It's hair. It will grow back. Btw, it was Corban's doing, but you probably guessed that.

And now for something completely different . . .
The kids LOVED playing in the freezer box. (Yay! We got a freezer.) Sadly, the box couldn't keep up with all of Corban's renovations. After too many windows and doors the poor thing kept collapsing and was condemned a hazard. It met it's fate on garbage day.

Happy fruit.

Last week I found many a fruit with a face.
Need I say more?

Tiny Dancer

This picture of Elliott having a snack is especially great because of my little dancer in the background.

Monday, May 10, 2010


She is so happy she can do "love signs" now.
So cute to watch her trying to hurry and make her fingers work as the bus drives off or we are leaving, etc

I heart your face.

I pledge...

Way to go Alpine School District! I didn't know he knew this. What a great surprise.