Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nice Shootin' Tex

Now, you may or may not approve of weapons/guns, but just keep in mind that we keep our guns in a safe and the kids have no access to them. (Mom, I thought you could use the reassurance.) I didn't grow up with guns... I think my Dad had a BB gun in the bottom of his closet. I was intimidated by guns and didn't want to even touch one. I did shoot a shot gun at a YSA activity after HS. I have friends who love guns and go hunting. I think that I understand both points of view. I used to be afraid of them, took a class about them, have them in a safe in my home, and over time my view changed. Becoming more educated about them- how they work, how to use them, etc.- helped me to become more open to the idea of owning and handling guns. I actually really like them now. I enjoy going shooting, but am still a lousy shot. I am getting better... Look out bad guys, I can actually hit the target 3-6 times out of 12 shots with my 9mm. Not bad. Not very good, but not bad. At least we have a shot gun so if someone was dumb enough to break into our house (dumb because we don't have anything to steal) then they might have to see me go Mark Wahlberg on them. 

Not this Mark Wahlberg...
aka Marky Mark 

But THIS one...
(Say hello to your motha for me.)

As you can see from these pictures we were crazy and took both kids shooting with us. Corban has been a few times, but this was Izzy's first time around guns.... we couldn't find a sitter. Anyway, they listened really well and I think it went better than I expected. I had imagined trying to keep them in the car (i.e. wrestling, crying, tying them up) while Dan and Dave had some fun. We chatted with the kids about guns and safety and the only times you can shoot a gun. They had a chance to shoot the 22 with Dan and Daddy's help. It was kind of fun. 

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Lindsay said...

I will never break into your house.