Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remind you of anyone?

Alright, so I got a little carried away yesterday while trimming my hair.
I went from this....
(I am lady in the back, next to "Marty Jr." and holding the little sheila in the red dress.)

to this...
Of course, you want to see the back.
(Corban took this picture.)

I know, you are thinking you have seen this cut before.
I didn't realize how similar it was to Izzy's cut until I was done.
I am destined to be my daughter's twin.

The side view.

I really didn't mean to go this short. I was going to go a couple inches shorter and one of the layers looked choppy. I had a Danielle come over and she tried to get it to look right, but she was being timid and just kept saying she hadn't cut hair much. I told her not to be scared... It's hair, it will grow back. She had to leave before she could fix it because of an appointment, so I did what had to be done and chopped it all off. What do you think?

With or without bangs? 

I kind of like to have both options, but I am thinking of just letting them (the fringe) grow out. I have had the bangs for maybe 8 months. Dave does not like the bangs and (come to find out) never really has... they remind him of a certain female neighbor, and he prefers to "see my face." I don't want to look like an old lady. I am so used to the bangs that I am scared of my whole face exposed. Maybe if I wasn't prone to adult breakouts I wouldn't be afraid of my own face.

Oh, well. At least I still have my younth..... on my walk over to the YW General Meeting last saturday, I was near this cute young girl and she, being the friendly gal that she is, started a conversation.We shared what wards we attend and then she told me the school she attends. There was a pause, then she said, "so . . . what school do you go to?"

Lego Truck

Corban wanted to build cars, trucks, and planes all morning- he is so cute.

Isn't he the creative?


This is the top of Corban's dresser. Did you know Corban started collecting rocks? He just picks up random rocks off the road when playing or coming home from the park, or even walking through a parking lot. Cute.

Tie my shoe

Walking home from the park the other day, we crossed the street and Corban did this.

I asked what he was doing. "Tie my shoe," he said.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Way to go!

I love this! Thank you, Blogger.
I am so happy there are more options for the template and design of my blogs!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WELCOME spring!

Who says a bike can't pull a trailer?

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Green cupcakes are a nice way to celebrate!

Happy St Patrick's Day! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Corban loves to show me words and letters. He pointed out some graffiti on the sidewalk on the way to the park. "Look mom, A-S-5." 

Monday, March 15, 2010

My little cuties

They love to watch the 'Tornado' in the tub when they get out of the bath. They mostly take showers, so they might like tornados more because they are a rarity.

Friday, March 12, 2010



My cute little buddy. She is such a sweet girl when we run errands while Corban is at school. Now if they both could be sweet when they are together, that would be ideal. Why is it that two good kids have a hard time when they are together? The funniest thing is that even though they fight and get on each other's nerves when they are separated they start asking for their sibling. I don't get it.

Only 7 left for a complete set!

The kids love to put quarters into this map. The trick is getting them to understand if they are putting in the right one. I bought this map off Jordan years ago and then half filled it. I then forgot about it. We found it a few weeks ago and the kids are sure cute about it. We went through all of our change, and all of Uncle Dan's change and are only in need of 7 more. Kind of fun.

Friday, March 5, 2010

No Cavities!

Being the wonderful mother that I am I took my kids to the dentist on Monday. Here comes the wonderful part, this was their first visit; better late than never, right? Well, I guess I haven't done all wrong. Things went well. NO CAVITIES! They saw the kids simultaneously so Izzy watched Corb and it made a great difference. She was trying so hard to hold still even when she didn't like it. Her little body would wiggle and she would make tiny noises letting you know she wanted to put her hands up to assist the dentist in getting the heck away from her mouth. They did great. The only part that didn't go well was with dental pick, you know that little curved pokey thingy, Corban would not let the dentist come near him with it. Next time, maybe. 

We also recently had well checks for both kiddos. They both needed a few immunizations to catch up and Corban is still mad at the nurse (and me) for making him get shots when he didn't want to get them. Izzy was furious as well, but once she heard the word sucker she wiggled down from my hip and stopped crying so she could go pick her sucker from the drawer. She is 95 percentile in weight. Our little Helga... only 5% of kids her age weigh more than her. At least she is over 3 feet tall so it isn't so bad. She is just our husky girl.

This last picture is Corban being very enthusiastic about his homework. He actually was enjoying himself, the angle of the picture makes his eyes look droopy. He loves school and we just got him registered for Kindergarten! He is very excited to go to Holly's school (our neighbor friend).

Well, if you have to go to the doctor/dentist soon I hope your visit goes well.