Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please let me cut your hair.

For months now I have been pestering Corb to let me cut his hair. He always said no and would tell me he wanted it long like Isabelle's hair. Then last week he cut Izzy's hair. Yesterday I asked him if I could cut his hair. He said no, then disappeared. I found him cutting the ends off his hair like a teenage girl snipping off split ends. I told him that I needed to fix his hair and he agreed. I got out the buzzer, plugged it in, let Corb turn it on so I could oil the blades, then started looking through the attatchments. He touched the buzzers to his head. Oh, well, I thought. So I took the buzzer from him and plowed a line from his starting point.

I then, naturally, had to give him the look of an elderly gentleman.
All done!                       

He is such a handsome boy! He has never gone shorter than a #1. Dave keeps calling him Billy Corgan, the guy from Smashing Pumpkins. Corban gets frustrated, "I am not Billy!" I just keep imagining him as a cancer patient and I have almost started crying twice! The poor families that have to go through having a terminally ill child. I am so grateful for my health, happy, hyper boy.

The bus driver does NOT approve. She made some comments about it being too cold, etc. Others agree with her. It just hair, everybody, it will grow back. Besides, we live in a time where almost everywhere we are there is heating of some kind. Our homes, schools, stores, and cars are heated. If his head gets cold outside he can wear a hat. (Does saying this make me a meanie?)

I will say this, I am going to miss his hair-doing antics. He would always go into the bathroom and come back with wet hair he had brushed and combed it so it was sticking up all over or slicked down and hilarious! I love you, Corb! 


Becca said...

Humbug to the "others" and the BUS dude. Corban started the style and you finished it. Give him a hat and he's golden!

Hilarious joke about Billy, btw...

Lindsay said...

Too funny! I am glad he is healthy and happy too. Billy Corgan! Love it.

Cheryl fdsu said...

People are only complaining about the cold because they think he'd get a cold, but colds come from viruses and bacteria! nothing to feel bad for, he can't catch anything from having a shaved head :P.. even though this was posted over 2 years ago!