Monday, February 8, 2010

My Family

Colored, cut out, and pasted by Corban (with Daddy's help).

We taught Corban's CTR 4 class this week. It is a small class. Our lesson was about Heavenly Father giving us families so we would have people to love and take care of us.
I printed out a few of these

Then tried to cut out the same amount of brothers and sisters from extra sheets. For example, one little girl has 4 siblings + her. So I had to cut out extra brothers and sisters from additional copies. We had them color and help cut out along the dotted lines. Then we broke out the glue sticks and had the kids decide in what order to paste them. The kids seemed to really like this. I love kids. They love to create things, especially when this involves scissors and glue. Few days pass when I don't hear, "mom, will you get out my safety scissors?" from Corban.

It was great fun, but I missed being in YW. I kept thinking about "my girls" the whole time, but I love being with the adorable primary kids. I am so glad I got to serve as chorister for so long. It is amazing how getting a calling and being set apart can open your heart. I fall in love with people so easy already, but when I get put into a calling it is interesting how quickly my heart expands to make room for those I serve with. I am grateful for people.

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Gordon E. said...

You do fall in love with people easily, and we fall in love with you easily Rachael. You are so willing to give of yourself to others. WHAT A WOMAN! You are so much nicer than your mom.