Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Choose the Right?

While perusing The Friend we came across a picture of the CTR crest. I asked Corban if he remembered what the letters meant. He thought and couldn’t remember, I made the “ch” sound to give him a hint. The light turned on, you could see it in his eyes, and he said, “choose the right!” He continued to look at it then said, “What if I don’t want to choose the right, ….” Pause for a moment here so you can understand what I am expecting to come out of his mouth. He sometimes says stuff to get me to react or to test my response (he is his father’s son) so I am expecting him to say “I want to choose the wrong” or something to that effect. He surprised me with this response… “I want to choose the Left.”


Gordon E. said...

Your story made me laugh out loud.
What a smart grandson.

Lindsay said...

Very cute story. You have a gift for story telling. You are a funny lady.