Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Haircut

Corban is so thoughtful. He spent quite some time considering what to give his sister for her birthday. In the end it was a surprise for all of us. I came out of the bathroom (I am done with the shower! I love fixing things.) and found this....

Check out the back... it's a party!

Rational mom left the house after seeing this. Kids were put in time out.... you can see Corban's toes in the photo above- That is the time out corner. He was lectured in a semi-loud voice... Mommy is working on being calm during chaos... I am a work in progress.

I rushed downstairs to find he did a great job cleaning up after himself/hiding the evidence. The hair was all in the garbage can and if I hadn't seen her I would not have known anything was amiss. I grabbed a bag, put on a cartoon so I could work in peace and went to work. I did the best I could to fix things. Good thing I am such a cheapskate and have cut my own hair so much over the years....

So here she is, your Miss America.

I think she likes it, but she did tell me "I miss my hair" today... but then told me she didn't really miss it. She is adaptable. Good girl.


Busty LaRue said...

GREAT JOB! It looks really cute on her (your haircut, not Corban's haha). My great-niece likes to play beauty shop with Marshall, and there are days when I'm so grateful that he's a boy and I can cut his hair short!

Connie said...

Oh she does look cute. Let's send Corban to barber school. If he's going to cut hair, he might as well know what he's doing!
You did a fantastic job cleaning it up!

Ashley said...

What a nice big brother, he's just trying to take care of his sis! :)
You did a really good job on her cute little bob! It is adorable!
Kat has cut her own hair a few times and yes, my rationality also flies out the window! Luckily, she has never cut off quite that much, but it is usually right around her face and not as easy to hide! She usually has layers around her face for that reason!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, my favorite part was "Rational Mom left the house for a few minutes." I need to print that out somewhere just so I can yank it out to explain to my children what they are witnessing. Then at least they'll have the best vocabulary with which to describe it to their friends! PS, you are so brave to finish off the cut. I don't know how people like you can just figure out how to cut hair. And don't get me started on cutting your own hair. That is a whole level of intelligence that is beyond me!