Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Sorting?

Jenga is one of the best purchases I have ever made in the toy department. I have used it in Singing Time (How Firm a Foundation was the song I was trying to teach.) I have used it in regular play and my kids love to build towers and play dominos with the blocks.

Today, the kids started to fight over the blocks, and I naturally slid the pile toward me and started to divide the lot in two. The kids are used to this and don't fight it normally. Half way through Corban grabs at the pile so he can get more, I pull them back and continue. I am almost finished when Corban tells me I am not a good sorter. "Why not?" I say.
"You are not a good sorter because you are always fair, and I don't want it to be fair."

As a wise woman (Grandma Connie) said, "At least he's honest."

Yes, now if I could get him to always tell the truth when he brakes something. A quick "Izzy did it" and I know who really did something.  

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