Friday, February 26, 2010

I love


Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Sorting?

Jenga is one of the best purchases I have ever made in the toy department. I have used it in Singing Time (How Firm a Foundation was the song I was trying to teach.) I have used it in regular play and my kids love to build towers and play dominos with the blocks.

Today, the kids started to fight over the blocks, and I naturally slid the pile toward me and started to divide the lot in two. The kids are used to this and don't fight it normally. Half way through Corban grabs at the pile so he can get more, I pull them back and continue. I am almost finished when Corban tells me I am not a good sorter. "Why not?" I say.
"You are not a good sorter because you are always fair, and I don't want it to be fair."

As a wise woman (Grandma Connie) said, "At least he's honest."

Yes, now if I could get him to always tell the truth when he brakes something. A quick "Izzy did it" and I know who really did something.  

Silly Eaters

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Late one night Corban asked if he could have a drink of soda. There was barely any left in the CF Pepsi bottle and Dave told him he couldn't have it now, because it was bed time, but that he could have the rest of it later. Corban went to the "junk" drawer, grabbed a sharpie, and proceeded to claim his soda for later.

Corban is getting so good at recognizing letters and words. We write words on the white board and he practices them. He also tells me things like, "Monkey starts with M." I am so proud of him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Choose the Right?

While perusing The Friend we came across a picture of the CTR crest. I asked Corban if he remembered what the letters meant. He thought and couldn’t remember, I made the “ch” sound to give him a hint. The light turned on, you could see it in his eyes, and he said, “choose the right!” He continued to look at it then said, “What if I don’t want to choose the right, ….” Pause for a moment here so you can understand what I am expecting to come out of his mouth. He sometimes says stuff to get me to react or to test my response (he is his father’s son) so I am expecting him to say “I want to choose the wrong” or something to that effect. He surprised me with this response… “I want to choose the Left.”

Please let me cut your hair.

For months now I have been pestering Corb to let me cut his hair. He always said no and would tell me he wanted it long like Isabelle's hair. Then last week he cut Izzy's hair. Yesterday I asked him if I could cut his hair. He said no, then disappeared. I found him cutting the ends off his hair like a teenage girl snipping off split ends. I told him that I needed to fix his hair and he agreed. I got out the buzzer, plugged it in, let Corb turn it on so I could oil the blades, then started looking through the attatchments. He touched the buzzers to his head. Oh, well, I thought. So I took the buzzer from him and plowed a line from his starting point.

I then, naturally, had to give him the look of an elderly gentleman.
All done!                       

He is such a handsome boy! He has never gone shorter than a #1. Dave keeps calling him Billy Corgan, the guy from Smashing Pumpkins. Corban gets frustrated, "I am not Billy!" I just keep imagining him as a cancer patient and I have almost started crying twice! The poor families that have to go through having a terminally ill child. I am so grateful for my health, happy, hyper boy.

The bus driver does NOT approve. She made some comments about it being too cold, etc. Others agree with her. It just hair, everybody, it will grow back. Besides, we live in a time where almost everywhere we are there is heating of some kind. Our homes, schools, stores, and cars are heated. If his head gets cold outside he can wear a hat. (Does saying this make me a meanie?)

I will say this, I am going to miss his hair-doing antics. He would always go into the bathroom and come back with wet hair he had brushed and combed it so it was sticking up all over or slicked down and hilarious! I love you, Corb! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Family

Colored, cut out, and pasted by Corban (with Daddy's help).

We taught Corban's CTR 4 class this week. It is a small class. Our lesson was about Heavenly Father giving us families so we would have people to love and take care of us.
I printed out a few of these

Then tried to cut out the same amount of brothers and sisters from extra sheets. For example, one little girl has 4 siblings + her. So I had to cut out extra brothers and sisters from additional copies. We had them color and help cut out along the dotted lines. Then we broke out the glue sticks and had the kids decide in what order to paste them. The kids seemed to really like this. I love kids. They love to create things, especially when this involves scissors and glue. Few days pass when I don't hear, "mom, will you get out my safety scissors?" from Corban.

It was great fun, but I missed being in YW. I kept thinking about "my girls" the whole time, but I love being with the adorable primary kids. I am so glad I got to serve as chorister for so long. It is amazing how getting a calling and being set apart can open your heart. I fall in love with people so easy already, but when I get put into a calling it is interesting how quickly my heart expands to make room for those I serve with. I am grateful for people.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Haircut

Corban is so thoughtful. He spent quite some time considering what to give his sister for her birthday. In the end it was a surprise for all of us. I came out of the bathroom (I am done with the shower! I love fixing things.) and found this....

Check out the back... it's a party!

Rational mom left the house after seeing this. Kids were put in time out.... you can see Corban's toes in the photo above- That is the time out corner. He was lectured in a semi-loud voice... Mommy is working on being calm during chaos... I am a work in progress.

I rushed downstairs to find he did a great job cleaning up after himself/hiding the evidence. The hair was all in the garbage can and if I hadn't seen her I would not have known anything was amiss. I grabbed a bag, put on a cartoon so I could work in peace and went to work. I did the best I could to fix things. Good thing I am such a cheapskate and have cut my own hair so much over the years....

So here she is, your Miss America.

I think she likes it, but she did tell me "I miss my hair" today... but then told me she didn't really miss it. She is adaptable. Good girl.