Friday, January 29, 2010

Corban is cool

He is getting pretty good at coloring in the lines. He is constantly running into the computer room to print off coloring pages. He is so good at navigating the WWW to get what he wants (He clicks on Favorites and there are 4 or 5 wesites that I put at the top of the list for him) that I have to disable the internet or lock the door so he doesn't print out a whole ream of paper. I really don't mind much. We have been trying to watch less electronic babysitter for a while now and with his extra interest in printing things out to color or give to friends has helped.

We have a white board in the Kitchen, well in the doorway/hallway into the kitchen. Last week he asked me to spell some words for him. After the first three he was done, but I told him we would do "this" once a day and it would help him learn words. Sometimes he will erase the three words and tell me, "we can do this two times a day." He doesn't really learn phonetically, so the 3 words at a time has been good because he memorizes the word. I probably need to be doing review of the words we learned each day. Sometimes I do erase the words and put them in different order and he usually does great still. He is growing up so fast!

He will start kindergarden next year! He loves school. His teacher is great. I am so greatful for the school district having this program. I don't know what I would have done without it. Corb is wonderful.

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Lindsay said...

Corban is a smartie. The robot is very well colored.