Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adventures in Cake Making

Izzy is turning three and she loves princesses. I decided to find some ways to make her birthday really fun without spending the big bucks. So I made a Barbie Cake, a pinata, and had some fun "princess" inspired games, with the favorite being "Kiss the Frog."

The cake was really not difficult, it just took some planning. The easiest way I found to make it was to use multiple cakes. This helps with even baking. Some ladies tried the one cake method and ended up the middle uncooked. I used two 8 inch round pans and a pyrex bowl I have (from a set of bowls) that was 8 inches at the top. Baked the cakes (I used 2 box mixes), let them cool, and then cut off the domes so they would sit on top of each other without tipping. You have to cut holes out the middles big enough for the legs. In one video I watched they used a tool like a cookie cutter, I just went old-fashioned on them and used a knife... it worked just fine. Then you put frosting between each layer and do a crumb coat (a first layer of frosting that you put on and then refridgerate so the top layer is crumb free). The rest is as follows . . .

Test. Made sure the cake was the right height.
Finished crumb coat.

Finished skirt.

The kids loved the cake, at least my kids did. It took some time, but it was a fun, cake adventure, so in my eyes it was worth it.
Happy Birthday Izzy!


Connie said...

It was such a fun party! You did a great job keeping the kids entertained. The cake turned out beautifully and it WAS good!
Good job!
Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Gordon E. said...

That was a yummy cake Rachael. Thanks for letting us come and celebrate. We sure love our grandkids.


Nice job on the cake. The kids said they had a fun time.

LilDox said...

love this cake!! Can't believe she's 3!!!