Thursday, December 17, 2009

kids are funny

Sometimes our kids come up with the funniest ideas. Sometimes they are so much more intelligent than we give them credit, for example:

We were out on a drive, the whole family. Corban tells Dave he wants to go the store to get candy. Dave tells him he doesn't have any money, asks Corban if he has any money. Corban says yes (his money bank of change), but then says they could use the Dave's card. Dave asks what card. Corban asks dave if he can use his card to buy candy. Dave asks him what card. He tells Dave he wants the card that is in his wallet so he can go to Harmon's and buy candy. Dave asked him a few questions about why they would take a card, and how the store would get money. Corban just kept telling Dave you use the card to get things.

He is a smart kid. I guess he has just seen us use the Debit card and figured it out.

I need to get better at writing down their funny stories, there are so many times I have to turn my head away or leave the room so that I don't laugh or encourage him sometimes. He says some pretty funny stuff.

Did I ever tell you he likes to make up stories? He starts with a truth and then goes where ever his cute little brain takes him.

W while back he told his teacher, "Once my mom took me to the doctor to get some shots. They looked at my head and legs. Then they cut me up into pieces and stuffed me with socks. Then my mom took me home."

Where does he come up with that stuff?

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Gordon E. said...

Handsome boy. Why do boys love to make that face?