Friday, November 6, 2009

Mom.... You can stop twisting my arm.

Yes, Halloween is over. I know. My dear mom would like this picture posted... I told her I already posted it on Facebook, but she needs to see it here. Speaking of Facebook, Other Mom (aka Connie), why are you not on Facebook? Just curious.

Can you guess my costume? The picture isn't the greatest, but here you are.

My favorite thing about being Cleopatra, all the kids (trick-or-treaters) telling me they learned about her in history and then them going on and on telling me about her and everyone that died.... Very entertaining. We have some bright kids in the ward. I love working in the Primary.

Funny #2: Izzy asking me "Where's your Nake-Up?" all morning the next day and would touch my eyes. She was sad I wasn't "pretty" anymore. It's ok folks. She recovers well, a few times a week she tells me how biew-i-ful I am. That's beautiful in English. The other days she tells me I am a big mommy.  Emphasis on the Big. She is too cute when she says it so I can't even feel bad.

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