Friday, November 6, 2009

Granny is back.

Old Hag or Young Lady? Can you see them both.

I always see the young lady first then have to look to find the old woman. The chin of the young is the nose of the old.

Since you may have read the previous post about Corban and the Casserole, I will now tell you a the story of Izzy involving the same casserole but a day earlier. This one is less tramatic.

Yesterday Izzy was supposed to be in time out for throwing her plate on the ground, because, you guessed it folks, "She hates casserole." She was mad and slinking down the floor and asking for her dad. I tried a few things to help her calm down but keep her in timeout. Instantly I knew what to do. I wrapped my lips around my teeth and started asking her in my best old women tone if she would like to try my casserole. She stopped short and then smiled, "your funny" she says. We played the game until she had eaten everything on her plate and even some seconds. She just kept laughing and commenting on my ability to be funny. Then she joined in the play and told me she was a cat. Which was perfect because it was Tuna Casserole. She was a good kitty and ate all the tuna. She loved it.

So there you have it. Grandma was reborn. Yes, reborn.

You may not know that grandma had short visit in my life when I was a young teen. To pass the time in the car or van on long rides we (my sisters and I) would often turn to utter silliness. Granny was born and used in excess until Dad told her it was time she moved on. He used a stong voice and I guess I was a silly girl that took an annoying voice too far. She died that day and nothing Dad or the rest of the family could say would bring her back. I am sure it was a stubborn case of teenage pride. So there you have it, when your child won't eat, turn into an old hag. (btw, I tried this with Corban today. He almost laughed and then remembered he was not to be fooled.)


Gordon E. said...

I suppose that I have lived long enough for the stories about my limited parenting skills to surface from the past. I should have accepted grandma as part of the family long ago. So welcome home grandma. I only have one question. Why do you look so young in your pictures?

Lindsay said...

Love it. Good times with Granny.