Monday, October 5, 2009

Explanation of Bandage

I upload pictures from my cell phone straight to the blog sometimes. I meant to get online that day and tell the tale of this accident. Better late than never.

It was a dreary day, and the kids were growing weary of playing nice together. They were in the living room with Jenga and a few other toys. I took my leave of them to visit the loo, when I heard the scream. Now, I hurried to the kids, but initially I was rolling my eyes, seeing that my kids are in a phase of who can get the other to cry first. I entered the room to find Izzy laying on her back, her head near her eyebrow and left hand covered in blood. Corban, of course, was hiding. I scooped her up and rushed to the bathroom. I set her in the tub, then found a washcloth and the first aid kit. I wipe away the blood to find an inch long cut above her eyebrow. I finished cleaning her up, because she needed the blood off her hand. She was very still and patient after that. I was proud of her being so calm. the cut didn't seem deep so I put a modified butterfly bandage over the cut and put a regular bandage over top to catch any seeping blood. I was really surprised the cut was barely bleeding. Kids heal so quickly. I called Nicole (thanks Nicole and Dan) and asked if I could let her sleep and ask about the cut and if I should go into the doctor.

I continued to change the dressing a few times throughout the day. Adding fresh butterfly bandaged to keep the wound closed, but every time she moved her eyebrows their was a gap in the cut. I was worried about it, but she was fine otherwise. When Dave came home the cut wasn't bleeding and you could see into it enough that he said it should have had stitches. At that remark I felt terrible. I waited 2 days to have Corban's leg looked at when it was broken and now I missed my opportunity for stitches because it was too late.

I put a fresh butterfly on it before she went to sleep and it was mostly sealed the next morning, thank goodness. I have waited a few days to slather the Neosporin on it to help with the scarring, just to make sure the wound is sealed.

So, there you have it. Izzy's first head wound. You know you're a mother when you can't go the the bathroom without someone getting into trouble.

30 minutes after it happened. (10/1) And Today. I can't get a great picture, she keeps moving!


Connie said...

She didn't have that on her head when you were here! What's happening?

Lindsay said...

Poor Izzy. Her cut looked like it will heal well when I saw it.

Becca said...

Poor, pretty Izzy! Now, she matches Carter, for he has a scar from a cut above his eyebrow as well. These things happen! (I missed Alayna's chance to get stitches for her knee too. Her (Izzy's) scar will fade!)