Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Activity #1

Corban's school gives us the option to recieve "homework" on a weekly and monthly basis. The weekly email is usually a bag with a book and 4 activities to do- sometimes with accompanying toys. Corban loves these. You complete the bag and then send it back and they get a new one. The monthly packet is a about 3 pages on average and has a numbered list of things to do with your child ranging from talking to them about their name and having them repeat it back to working on the alphabet with flashcards. There are always fun activities that are easy and inexpensive. I often think I should share the wealth of ideas. Many of the homework assignments are just ways to interact with your child and help them have fun learning.

So, for my first random activity you need a length of yarn. I think this one is around ten feet long. you make shapes on the floor and have them identify what it is. We took turns making things and after basic shapes started making other things, like flowers or a snail. My kids loved this activity and loved taking their turn. Amazing, how long this occupied them, since it's just a piece of yarn.

I bet you can't wait for the next random fun.


Gordon E. said...

Hey kids
It is great that yo are experiencing such fun learning activities. Learning can be fun. It is a discovery. I'm glad the teachers are giving you so many things to do.

Gp Gordon

Lindsay said...

I never would have thought of that! Good idea. I look forward to the next assignment.