Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally Documented

Izzy is very verbal. She also has this weird habit of pulling in her bottom lip when she says certain words. Is there a name for something like that? It's just some sort of impediment, I guess.

Here are a couple pictures of my wacky offspring.
(Thanks, Dad. All pictures were cropped from group pictures taken by Grandpa Gordon, who I lovingly call the Paparazzi at times- Dad, just think of it as a longer version of Pop. I love you, Pop!)

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Gordon E. said...

I am totally dedicated to chasing my grandkids around and taking snaps. Rachael says that I should not delete any but the fuzzy pictures of half of a kid just have to go. Then you get lucky and find a seriously fine moment captured forever (or as long as my backup harddrive lasts anyway). Beautiful kids.