Thursday, August 13, 2009

Treasure Hunt

I think she likes this game.

This isn't the best video, but it will have to do. It is Animal Scramble. The main piece is a Giraffe and it calls out rules, clues, etc. There are four "targets": A monkey, an elephant, a parrot, and a tiger. The giraffe fits over the top of the others and recognizes which is which. There are, maybe, 4 different games. Corban got this for his birthday from Grandma Nina and they both love it.

Izzy's favorite is the treasure hunt. The giraffe tells player two to hide the animals while player one closes their eyes. Izzy is so cute how she stands, eyes shut tight, while the game counts to ten. Then, player one listens for the first clue/animal name, after finding it and placing the giraffe over it, the voice says another clue/animal. The turn ends when you find the 4th animal and then it gives you a time. Then it starts over for the next player. She will play this forever. I love that it helps her learn to take turns and she has to be active running about the room looking for the animals. Plus, I love to watch her run and get excited when she finds one.

It is fun. I love games with the kids. With Corban we get out scrabble and make words or find letters. Rebecca once told me I remind her of the white haired man on Between the Lions that sounds out the words. My kids love to play board games. What games do your kids like?


Becca said...

Wuh- ut= what. =) I hope you remember that the way you sound out words (for your children) is endearing and sweet. Know that I wasn't criticizing, for you're one fun mama.

Gordon E. said...

I live for the photos and news of family. Thanks for posting such cute stories and photos. Makes my day and helps me to feel connected to family.

Lindsay said...

Ian is still into the drop game.