Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Routine, Routine, Routine

We have been trying to implement more routine for the kids sake, but mostly for my own sanity. I made up some picture charts that have various "chores" that need to be completed. There is a morning and night list.

Wake Up
-Go potty
-Get dressed
-Put clothes in hamper
-Make your bed

Corban can do most of his list without help, and only a few reminders now. I run Izzy through her's. She can't really make her bed, but she will try. Corban tries to show her how to do it the way I taught him. (Make yourself into the bed and sneak out.) They are learning.

Even if they don't finish the list exactly I am happy. Corban always thrives on structure. He almost always heads to the bathroom in the morning without prompting now. The only question I have now is, "why didn't I do this sooner?" He is doing so well during the day. He rarely has accidents, and usually it is from lack of structure.

Izzy is still young for this, but maybe the sooner the better. She will learn too. She still doesn't understand the whole release thing when it comes to toilet training. She throws a fit to sit on the potty, but will hold it, and hold it, and hold it until she is off of the toilet and then go in her pull up/diaper. We will try again with active potty training when Corban starts school again.

Their favorite activity this week: Play Dough.

Funny random thing Corban does: Sits at the piano to "play and sing a song".

Funny things the kids say:

Corban- "Is it just me, or ....." Randomly said this in the car- Something about a plane.
Izzy- Calls everything "Bew-a-ful" - Beautiful


Gordon E. said...

Izzy is right. Everything is beautiful. Love the stories. I live for the new posts.

Lynners said...

I love the random items. What a good idea.

Lindsay said...

You have some good tips. I will need them in the near future when Ian gets bigger. I know that I do better with planning and structure too.