Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am a Builder

He comes into the kitchen, "Hey, mom, look what I made!"

We recently bought some legos for this handsome young man. He loves to build things. He does most of it on his own. I initially had to help him with the wheels and such, but he will sit there forever and make things. I love it. I love when he can sit still and concentrate on something. When he comes with that oh-so-adorable smile that tells me he is proud of his creation. He loves when I take pictures and send them to Daddy and others. He had me send a picture of his "cool" thing with "rocket shoes" (cannot remember exact words- it is below, the the first picture on the left) to "An tih Cole's " phone. (aka Aunt Nicole).

Before the Legos he would use Jenga blocks to make things. The other day I am talking with a neighbor and I look over and he has made this-

The base of this creation is one of his favorite patterns to do with the Jenga blocks.

He is awesome.


Lindsay said...

Corban is awesome. He has great building skills.

Connie said...

You're right. He is awesome! Love that top picture!

Camille said...

There's your little Mike Brady architect! :) I love the top picture as well :)

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

That is one talented kid!