Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do I look any different? I swim. I'm a swimmer.

My mom-in-law called yesterday to invite us to an afternoon at the Jill's pool. We just got Aunt Jeanette back from her spanish speaking mission to Houston, Texas! She looks great and is so happy! I love her!
It was fun to be together. We had quite the crowd- Emily, Adalyn, Cyrus, Keiti, Caitlyn, Kelsey, Troy, Candice, Grandma Connie, Jill, Jeanette, Vili, Camille, Jacob, and us.
My kids love to go swimming. Danielle offered Holly's life jacket for Corban (thank you) and I found Corban's old Spongebob floater outfit for Izzy. Corban was scared of the water for a long time, even with a life vest. I couldn't figure out why he was so scared, until I got home and Dave mentioned the "scary slide"- I bet that was it. Corban almost drowned before and so naturally he was hesitant. He kept pleading, "don't let me go." Izzy was her fearless self and would jump in to me, even when I wasn't looking. She can't get enough of the water. When they got used to swimming without helping hands they were all over the pool. They both were the last kids out of the pool. I think I should sign up for a pool pass next year. Or maybe the Rec center has swim classes in the fall. I know they have them during summer.
Thank you, Jill, for letting us come to the pool yesterday. We had so much fun!
Gotta run!


Connie said...

That was so fun!

Lindsay said...

That spongebob floatie is awesome. Do you know where I can get one?