Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last post today, I promise.

I have been meaning to post a particular adventure our Corban had at a recent Stake activity.

We attended a Stake Pool Party at the Scera Park Pool. We had to hang out . . . forever . . . because they didn't mention that the food portion of this event was from 6:30 to 8:30. We were there promptly at 6:30 with two very excited children. When we didn't go to the pool directly Corban and Izzy were not happy, but we survived.

Corban is always active, but man, he was just antsy to get into the water. As we entered the park we found a place to put down our gear with Corban itching to ditch us. Imagine him like a runner at the start line. As soon as we started for the water he took off. I mean took off.

Dave and I were scouring the waters, and once the ward members saw our Corban-is-gone-and-we-are-anxiously-looking-for-him faces they joined our search. What does that say about you, when people in the ward instantly know your kid is missing from a glance at your expression?

Dave and I both thought he was headed to the slides ... the big-kid slides. I tried looking for him in the line, but with my linebacker of a daughter on my hip I was not successful. She calmed down after a minute and stopped trying to throw herself back into the water. You would have thought the girl had gills she seemed so desperate.

Finally, I headed to the front desk to see what they could do, because two of the lifeguards (there are about 10 stationed all around) kept telling me to have him paged... like he would be listening. Just as I leave the station I see Dave carrying Corban. Apparently he had made it down the slide after all. Why they let him go down I don't know. Maybe it was because he is a big boy, maybe because he is confident in his efforts, maybe he created a distraction and snuck past the guard. We will never know. He had to be fished out the water by the lifeguard and the guy told Dave to "keep an eye on your kid." Laurelyn just said, "If they only knew."

Later, Dave is changing Corban at home and Corban starts giving Dave a play by play. "I went the scary slide and... [insert crazy scream here]..." Corban said that he went down in the water and the guys had to save him. That kid is going to give us heart attacks, and he is awesome.


Lynners said...

Oh man! I pray that I'll never know how that feels! You poor kids. I hope he never does that to you again, but what a relief that everything turned out okay.

Gordon E. said...

I seem to remember a cute little Rachael that made a practice of trying to drown herself. Ummm.
Maybe Corbon needs a neck implant or maybe you could get one of those maps like Harry Potter has.

Ashley said...

That is so scary! Luckily he is fine and it turns out to be a good laugh five years from now! He will always keep you on your toes, that's for sure!