Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Fun Park

We took the kids out, in weather that was far too warm for our taste, to "the fun park."  Corban termed it the fun park, because, well, there are rides, duh. It was American Fork's Steel Days and one of the parks had little amusement rides. This is the first time the kids have been on "rides" and they loved it, though you almost wouldn't believe me by the blank looks on their faces. We had to force them back to the car.

We also got to try our first funnel cake. Yum! But, I am sure, very fattening. It was fun to watch them make.

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Ashley said...

oh, I love me some funnel cake! It sure is a 'once in a while' treat, but it is so yummy! I thik it just reminds me of summer and fairs! Yum!