Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Few and far between.

My posts have been sporadic at best. Incomplete at worst. Summer has been busy. This post is going to be way too long. Just warning you, and yet, I am leaving so much out. Enjoy a random glimpse into our last few months.

I am extremely behind on weeding the garden. So, if you come over, just don't look at the garden. OK?

Corban is loving school. The days are shorter, but he gets the ride the bus both ways. I sort of miss picking him up.

We survived almost two weeks with Dave abroad. He went down to New Mexico to work with Daniel. We sure loved getting him back.

We had so much fun at the Langston reunion! The kids couldn't get enough of the 4-wheelers. Corban and I went on a really long bike ride. Leave it to me to get lost on a trail. The kids did pretty well. I loved watching them all play together. It was just wonderful to be all together and visit. I had a lot of fun.

Corban got his first driving lesson with Grandpa Langston.

I have been trying to go longer on my bike rides. We have been frequenting Bridle Veil Falls the last couple weeks. Today was my fourth trip up the canyon. I think it is about 10 miles round trip.
I had to post this picture of my celebrity bruise. Mickey Mouse right on my leg. The story of getting this bruise is even funnier than the bruise itself. Danielle and I took a night ride up to the Provo Temple. This was my first night ride and being the bright girl that I am, I didn't have a light of any kind. Genius. We made it safely to the Temple. On the return trip there is a bend in the sidewalk, no big deal. I decided to cut a corner, over the grass. Unfortunately for me, there is about 6 inches of "invisible" curb hiding in the over grown grass. This curb has no purpose. It is at the top of a driveway. You see where I am going with this? I hit the curb dead on. Lucky for me, I didn't fly over the handle bars. I Fred Flinstoned (twinkle toes) my way forward and ended up with bruised legs. One of which happens to look like a cartoon mouse. Jealous?
My dad turned 55. Boy, is he getting on in years. Kidding, Dad. You are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your birthday with America. His birthday is the 5th, but the celebration always seems to start the night before with fireworks.
We stayed in Park City with my parents and Lindsay, Jeff, and Baby Ian.
Izzy is a fearless "swimmer." She kept jumping into the deep end. I think it is time to sign her up for swimming lessons. She was so cute pulling herself around the side of the pool. Miss Independent didn't want any help.
Well, there are a few things we have been doing. Hope the summer is treating you all well. We love you!


Gordon E. said...

Yea for the photos. I live for new pictures on your blog Rachael. Darling family. You and Dave have beautiful children, and you are a joy to be around. Give those kids a hug and squeeze for us.

Lindsay said...

That was a fun day. I am SO envious of your bruise.