Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Library of the future.

I love the Orem Library. They have a huge catalog, and if they don’t have the book you are looking for you can always turn in a purchase request. I haven’t needed to do that yet, but some of my friends have.

The reason I am writing about the library is they recently installed a new checkout/circulation desk. I didn’t think much of the renovation until I actually used it. There are five self-checkout stations, they look normal, until you set your stack of books on the magic square. You don’t scan your books separately. The square just knows what books are in the stack! You may be asking yourself how this square deciphers which books are there. Your guess is as good as mine. I can’t figure it out. The pamphlet the library printed doesn’t talk about the technology used. Maybe one of you out there holds the answer.

Anyway, it is neat. I love my library. Dave, I am sure, thinks I love it a little too much. What can I say? I love reading.

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