Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday!

My Grandpa, Dale Droubay, recently turned 80!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

We had a dinner at my parents. My kids love going to “Gramma Nina’s” and “Grampa Gordon’s” house. Corban was a bit hopeful that he would get to play in the backyard, but the weather just wasn’t permitting. Who would have guessed we would have weeks of rain in June. This weather is crazy, and I have mushrooms in my lawn to prove it. Oh, how I wish they would go away. Mushrooms are so gross. Anyway, forget that little rant . . .

My grandpa Dale is wonderful. He is loving and generous. He loves poetry and literature. He served a missions in Canada and Argentina. He works hard and always has. He takes care of the house, does yard work and gardening, and takes care of grandma Velma. He loves her so, and is ardently loyal. Everyday he goes to see her and care for her as best he can. He is always trying to find things in his house that may be useful for someone else- he is always trying to help me. He helps others in his neighborhood with yardwork- recently he was sawing limbs off trees for one neighbor. He hasn’t changed much from my childhood. When we were kids our grandparents always had snacks or special drinks for us- fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, etc. To this day he buys treats for my kids so he will always have something for them when we come around. He loves his family and is a great example.
I love you Grandpa!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potty Time

OK. Moms, and anyone else out there willing to share brilliance. I need help.

Please share your potty training skills with me. I have been working on toilet training Corban for way too long. I gave up for a long time out of frustration. Maybe it is all my fault. I have tried too many things and not stuck with them. I don't know. I know he has special issues with how his adorable little mind works, but I need some ideas. He knows how to use to toilet. There has got to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I just can't see it. Maybe if I continue to leave it alone he will just use it when he is ready. But I am concerned he will just get more attached to the diapers.

Yesterday Izzy used the toilet, so that is a positive. I hope to get them both out of diapers by the summer's end. If that doesn't happen I may have to go on strike.

Library of the future.

I love the Orem Library. They have a huge catalog, and if they don’t have the book you are looking for you can always turn in a purchase request. I haven’t needed to do that yet, but some of my friends have.

The reason I am writing about the library is they recently installed a new checkout/circulation desk. I didn’t think much of the renovation until I actually used it. There are five self-checkout stations, they look normal, until you set your stack of books on the magic square. You don’t scan your books separately. The square just knows what books are in the stack! You may be asking yourself how this square deciphers which books are there. Your guess is as good as mine. I can’t figure it out. The pamphlet the library printed doesn’t talk about the technology used. Maybe one of you out there holds the answer.

Anyway, it is neat. I love my library. Dave, I am sure, thinks I love it a little too much. What can I say? I love reading.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Best

What is the best movie of all time?
What are some of your favorite flicks?

Hi! Remember Me?

Well, where to begin? In no particular order, here are some updates:

We have been fishing. Our first time was in North Ogden at Cold Springs Trout Farm. The kids were a bit nervous for a while. We brought home 6 fish. Now, they love fishing. Dave found us a place up Provo Canyon where kids 12 and under can fish. Corban caught two and Izzy caught one. They are lacking in patience. Almost immediately after the line is cast they reel it in.

(P.S. the picture below with Izzy scrunching her face is her counting in the car for a hide and seek game.)

The garden is growing. Maybe not as well as some other gardens, but considering my skills, we are doing fine. I planted onions, carrots, peas, spinach (which we have already been eating), potatoes, pumpkins, corn, cucumbers, melon, one raspberry plant, strawberries (that are not growing, sad), and rosemary. I am getting hopeful for the apple trees- I was scared I had scalped them- I pruned them myself- but they are doing well. I don't think I will get as big a crop as last year, but some is more than none. The grapes are also growing well. There has been too much going on, and, sadly, I didn't get them all pruned. Hopefully they will still produce well.
On a side note, the lawn is getting better, but still not great. I had to pull many, many dandelions by hand- Thank you Andy for the dandelion puller/digger tool.

I really liked the book The Hunger Games. If you want to see more books I've read you can check out my Goodreads profile.
Corban is finished with school for a few weeks. We went to his "graduation" program. He will start a short summer term soon.
We attempted a campout in our back yard. So far, tent=no sleep. We came inside after a while and the kids fell asleep in their cozy beds. We will try again soon, I hope.
We went to the Farm/Petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point with my parents.
(Pictures to come soon.)
I got my hair cut. Many know that already, but if you don't see me regularly you may not know. If you are on Facebook, you may have seen the picture from the day of the cutting.
Well, I believe there are other things, but for now, that is all.
If you have any questions . . .