Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Time, Perhaps?

There is so much to say, and no time or motivation to write about everything. Here are some posts titles you may never have the pleasure of reading. We have been busy.

-Family. It's about time . . . we had a get together.

-How to get a job by sending a text message and showing up to say hello.

-Freezer jam and how to kill your freezer. Funeral TBA.

-ADHD. I think it's contagious.

-Working Life- the good, the bad, and the, well, it's ok.

-Gardening . . . I mean attempted gardening. AKA Someone please help me.

-What day is it?

-Golfing+Primary= The attention of every child.

-My mad lumberjack skills. Just call me Sister Bunyon, Dave does.

-Rain. You think it's gone? It's never gone.

-Thank you a heaven. Thank you long time ago. OR Name that primary song in Corban's prayer.

-Kids love plastic eggs even when it isn't Easter.


-The kids are in bed. I have been falling asleep all day. Why am I awake?

-Why haven't I been picked up by the fashion police OR Just do it already-Turn me in to What Not to Wear.

-Bike Trailers are the greatest! Just ask Izzy.

-Corban learns to ride w/o training wheels after 3rd attempt.

-Something Wicked, here we come.


Connie said...

You've been busy! Fun almost posts! Makes me what to know more!

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

I loved this post! I feel like I should just make lists of posts I wished I could have done as well. I'm sure my titles would not be half as witty as your were though.

Camille said...

Very clever post titles. You don't even need to add them as posts! The titles say it all :) I hope all is well in your world! It was good to see you yesterday!

Lindsay said...

Clever girl...

don't let the raptor get you!

marianne said...

Fun to catch up in just a few are so clever!

Gordon E. said...

hey Rachy,

Lynners said...

Hot snot! My interest is totally peaked! I hope we hear from you soon!

Lindsay said...

I've been thinking about you, Sis. I keep meaning to call. Hope you are doing well.

Love you!