Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pants Off Dance Off.

Izzy is still insisting on only wearing nightgowns and "pretty dress"es. Yesterday, I insisted on her wearing a shirt and pants. That was the plan anyway.

I successfully got the shirt on her, and was working on convincing her to wear the "cute pants" to no avail. She was sure the shirt she was wearing was a dress. I was loosing the battle. I let her be for a bit. I was trying the reintroduce-the-same-idea-later-but-with-excitement tactic. This sometimes works. She wasn't fooled.

I let it be for a minute and decided to take out some trash. I took the garbage out and promptly heard the door open and close after me. I turned to see this . . .


Izzybelle playing in the snow. Boots, coat, dance moves, and no pants.

Of course, Corban didn't want to be left out. He opted to keep his pants on, though.


jill langston kaufusi said...

I love dancing with no pants on! isabelle has the right idea. It's a good thing you keep your camera with you when you take out the trash. I wish i had my camera with me all the time. just in case there is a cute pantsless dancer. Hey, remember that weirdo that was always doing tai chi or something in the front yard of that apartment complex you guys used to live in? that was awesome.

marianne said...

funny! sadie is the same way with her dresses and now make-up and jewlery and purses. but it is really fun to have a girly-girl. except for her always stealing my lip gloss!!

Gordon E. said...

I am having deja vu. I remember another little girl that enjoyed dresses to twirl in. I especially like the boots with bare legs. What a girl.

Ashley said...

Kathryn went through that stage too! She would only wear 'pretty' dresses - no matter what it was! They keep you on your feet! That's for sure!

Connie said...

I'd dance too if I was out in the cold pantless. Need to keep warm!