Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Corban and Davey had their birthdays last week! Happy Birthday Boys!

Corban had a few friends over on his actual birthday. He loves inviting friends to come over. Dave brought him home a birthday surprise.

Corban named her Foofoo.
On friday we didn't get much celebrating in for Dave, I hope to take him out on a date soon. We did yard work and Dave built an awesome cage for Foofoo.
Saturday we had a Breakfast Celebration for the boys with Dave's side of the family.The kids loved trying to capture Foofoo. Thank you so much everyone for coming over and for the gifts!

In the afternoon we headed north to my parents. We had a birthday/anniversary dinner. My grandparents had their 58th (I think) anniversary. Corban and Izzy loved playing in the back yard. We had so much fun! Thank you Mom and Dad!

Today we found Foofoo some company via an ad on KSL. Corban named him Tick Tock.
Foofoo loves her new cage mate.


Connie said...

Foo Foo and Tick Tock make an adorable couple. It was a fun party. Happy Birthday again to
David and Corban.

Gordon E. said...

What cute bunnies. Do bunnies eat carrots or is that just a cartoon thing? Pets are a lot of work for the mother. I remember a pet for the children means extra time for mom. Still, they are beautiful. Looks like your children just love them. Happy Birthday boys.

Lindsay said...

Um, will Foo Foo and Tick Tock be able to procreate? Hopefully you won't get any surprise baby bunnies!

I do want to snuggle them. So furry.