Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's true. V=Y if your name is Isabelle.

She is talking and talking and talking. Mimicking and guessing. If you ask her the color of anything, without even looking she will say with confidence, green! Sometimes she substitutes the word green with pink. It appears I need to do some one on one color identification with her. She knows all the capital letters of the alphabet, save two, hence, the title. We are working on the sound each letter makes and knowing her letters in lower case. She loves to pretend and will come into a room screaming that a monster, or a dinosaur, or a bear is chasing her. We have quite the collection of imaginary animals in our home.

Recently, my mom was trying to show her how to use paints and Izzy would yank the brush back and tell my mom she could do itz herself. After trying to paint with plain water for a minute she gave in and let Grandma Nina show her how. She is a stubborn little one.
By the way, the brainwashing is coming along nicely. My kids like most of the songs from The Sound of Music, now. Especially, Do Re Mi.


Gordon E. said...

Hey, Raising your kids on Broadway songs is not brainwashing - it is heaven on earth to hear your children sing. Between Primary songs and Broadway songs you need only add the hymns and instantly your children are talented and have very good values. I believe you can learn almost the entire gospel through the music of the church. I LOVE HEARING MY GRANDCHILDREN SING:)

Cassie said...

Oh the joys of gaining a little independence!! Sometimes they just have to try it themselves before they realize that they need your help. I guess that it still true with me even now. Of course, I will ask for help if needed, but I usually try it myself first.

I don't think it is brainwashing to raise your kids on Broadway tunes. We watch these shows all of the time. Heck, I started singing "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" when Abby was a baby. (She didn't even have enough hair to really even wash.)

Speaking of hair, Look how cute little Izzy's hair is! I love to see the transformation of "baby hair" into "little girl hair".

Connie said...

You'll have to try the "Music Man" next. Nothing clears a room faster than "76 Trombones" especially when it's played on an accordian!