Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update Feb 2009

First off, Happy Birthday to Isabelle!
She had her second birthday on Sunday, Feb 1. We had SOOO much fun. I made cupcakes for the kids to decorate/eat, peanut butter brownies (from scratch), and cheesecake with chocolate on top. I didn't realize the chocolate overload until I was setting everything out on the table. Thank you to everyone that could come. We really had such a great time.
Notice how she scooped out the middle and then filled it with spinkles.
My parents came up on Saturday and took us out for Izzy's birthday dinner. The kids were surprisingly good. Anyone with kids knows the risk of taking kids to a restaraunt- we lucked out. They also brought some bricks up for me to use in singing time- I will explain in a minute. We had so much fun and Izzy loves her new puzzle. We (including just about everyone with eyes at church) love her new dress that Mom and Dad (Doxey) gave her. It is adorable. We love the new toys.

Things in my life often come in spurts. For example, I have been doing more "real" cooking lately. We all enjoy it. The kids love to pull a chair up to the counter and "help" in all sorts of ways. I made a Chicken Pot Pie (my first pie crust) thanks to the soup base Mom and Dad (Langston) gave to us for Chirstmas. I think it turned out yummy. I have been perfecting my pizza dough. We love homemade pizza. My favorite topping is diced chicken. It always disappears far too quickly. I have also make goodies. I need to stop with the cookies and brownies, my weight loss goals are on hiatus. I need to get back in gear. Soon.

Corban is enjoying his new school schedule. He atttends the AM session now and he loves being back with Miss Linda. He does miss Miss Angie, though, when I pick him up, she is usually walking in and he screams, "teacher!!!" He can be so adorable.

We love when Izzy lays on the floor like this. She looks like a teenager talking on the phone. She is still talking up a storm. She is getting so grown up.

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Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Izzy! So sorry we couldn't make it down for the party. She looks so cute in her new dress, and so big on her new bed!