Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simpilfy, or Why isn't this wand working?

Apparently, I have no gift for magic. Much to my disappointment, my house doesn't regenerate into it's perfect form every night while I sleep. Finally fed up with being "embarrassed" when people come over, I have been trying to un-clutter and de-junk the house. It feels good to get organized and meet goals. Though, it is incredible how quickly things get messy, which brings me to my conclusion: My house will never be EXACTLY how I want it to be. Sad, but true.

I have been taking loads to the DI donation drive thru. Tossing things I never thought I would, all for the sake of a simplified home. The less I have to clean or dust the better it is- at least during this season of my life. There is so much to do. I have cleaned the carpets, thanks to Mom and Dad for loaning their Hoover Steam Vac. It is amazing how quickly they start to look dingy. It has only been about a month since I cleaned them and I want to do a "quick" redo of the whole house. I need to overhaul my filing cabinet, and get better system. Or just get better at filing everything away. Something like that. I have also been working on getting the kids more involved in the chores.

Maybe the trick is finding the balance between my desires and compromise. I don't know. It is a learning process.
What are some of your ideas? Tips? Advice? What works for you? What is your favorite “trick”? Please, just leave something in the comments. I have to keep moving forward.

And so this post isn't "boring" here are some adorable pictures!


Webster Family said...

Tip- get a housekeeper! That is my goal for when I'm rich.

Cassie said...

I'll have to think more on things that have worked, and didn't work for me.

My house isn't too bad, but Abby's room is another story. She just has so much stuff!! It doesn't help that we live in an apartment and so our space is limited anyways.

I absolutely love the pictures of Grandma Nina's story time! I love the colors in front of the blue wall. Super cute!!

Camille said...

They are getting sooo big! Such cuties. And I love the new look of the blog. :)