Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not bad . . . for being hit by a bus.

Today, Corban was in his first accident involving a bus and a fence post. It was snowing and the ground was slick. Russ (the bus driver) was pulling away after picking up Corban, and the back wheels spun out. The back end flew to the right while the wheels were spinning and smacked into the fence. At least the van wasn't hit, or Russ would have been more embarrassed. The van is right to the left from where I took the top picture, maybe only 5 feet away.
So there is our excitement for the day. At least the school district is supposed to repair everything. Corban and the other kids were late for school. They actually called in another bus to pick them up, though I offered to take him in. Oh, well. Izzy liked playing on the bus while we sat there waiting for the second bus to come. She loves the bus and is always scrambling to get on when Corban leaves. She always cries when I grab her and carry her away. She wants to go with him.  
While we are on the subject of accidents . . .
I thought I would post an "accident" of Corban's. He was in the kitchen when I came up the stairs and I heard him skitter under the table (his favorite I'm-in-trouble hiding place). When I turned the corner I saw this:
I was so sad. It was an unopened carton of Orange juice. He stomped on it.
I don't know where he gets his ideas.


Becca said...

I'm so sorry you lost an unopened carton of orange juice! I would be so upset since I am a penny pincher! Corban and Carter are Thing 1 and Thing 2 as far as I'm concerned!

Lynners said...

These stories are definitely the stuff that memories are made of. Thanks for sharing!

Gordon E. said...

Get your fence fixed yet?