Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kids are Awesome!

I have been trying to be better at documenting things the kids do and say.

Funny first-
Anytime we drive down Center (usually on the way to Target) Corban tells me he needs to go to "Chuck E Cheese's, mom. Where a kid can be a kid." He says all of this in a way that is sometimes hard to understand, so the first time I figured out exactly what he was saying I couldn't stop the laughter. (Chuck E Cheese is one of the few commercials on PBS kids.)

The second thing I want to mention is the fact that Isabelle can sing the alphabet all by herself. This fact alone was making me believe I had such a clever girl in my care, but the last few days I have been using a Magnadoodle and drawing one letter at a time and asking her to identify. She knows most of them, probably 20. I was blown away. I got the idea to quiz Izzy on the letters, because when we went to RC Willey to pick up her bed she was pointing to letters and guessing what they were. We were waiting by the wall with a sign declaring "Pick Up" and said where to park or something. Izzy moved from right to left and identified at least 60 % of them. The letters she gets most confused with are B, Y, and Q. At least is isn't B,Y, and U, considering where we live.

Here are a few videos of Izzy. The first is her "playing" Hide and Seek with Corban when her room was full of boxes for her bed. The Second is her playing at the table. I am posting it so you can see her talk. Her voice is so cute. Just ask her she will agree.


Gordon E. said...

I love her counting and her little run to find Corban. So cute. She is a smart little girl.

Lindsay said...

What a cutie! She is also quite a smartypants.