Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday Girl Gets a New Bed

Today I assembled Izzy's new bed. (Happy Birthday!) She has been sleeping on her crib mattress for some time. This bed is so cute and girly. Now I want to repaint, but I don't think I can paint over Corban's face. It would be so cute to paint her room pink or purple or something. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for some cute and inexpensive bedding. Or "borrow" some from Mom's house since she has so many sets for twin beds. :)

The kids were VERY excited.


Ashley said...

So cute! We borrowed Mat's parent's bunk bed when we moved down here and the girls love it! It is exciting for kiddos when they get something new. That is also a good idea about 'borrowing' bedding from your mom...maybe I should do the same!
I hope she had a fantastic b-day!

The Newest Mexicans said...

That looks great! So, I hope you're not worried about hurting MY feelers with new pink paint. If so... knock that off and concentrate on golf!

Becca said...

What a pretty bed. I must admit I would just paint the walls. I really love purple walls for little girls~! Maybe Dan could do an update with both kids on the wall.

Lynners said...

I haven't seen the picture of your son's face! That's so beautiful. If you do paint over it, you must document it well before you do! I like the update idea.