Friday, January 16, 2009

New Pictures of the Kids.

Mom, you asked for new pictures of your grandbabies. Aren't they sweet. Yes, it was a permanant marker.
Like what you see? Wish yours kids were as creative?
One phone call is all it took for my kids to sneak upstairs unattended and design their own tatoos.
This is what I get for teaching him how to write his name.


Webster Family said...

Love the lipstick! Hey it will probably last 12 hrs with out rubbing off! Maybeline should heed some advice from Izzy!

Gordon E. said...

My but how artistic are my grandchildren? Fine lines for both of them. Corban and Izzy are so beautiful even with the extra marker on their tummies.

Lindsay said...

That lip tat must have hurt. Isabelle is hard core!

Busty LaRue said...

At least it wasn't black spray paint, all over your entire house and all your clothes and jewelry. That happened to a girl I work with, just weeks after they moved into their new house.

Marshy likes to color on his legs with pens, and once he got permanent marker (who knows how) and did it. It lasted for a few days before it came out completely, but after the first good washing it had faded significantly. GOOD LUCK! :)

Andrea said...

So funny! I probably would have freaked, but I'm sure you were very calm about it. Ha ha.

Becca said...

My, my, my. Isabelle's lips would've made me a little upset (as her mom)! I do not like Sharpies! Did you try sunscreen to remove the writing on the wall? I heard, from Cousin Jared long ago, that it works.

Call, when the kids are asleep, and I'll cheer you up!