Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harry Potter

In anticipation of the next Harry Potter film my friend and neighbor, Danielle, decided they (some friends, her kids, etc) would read the series again. This is an attempt to get one of her sons (he is eleven) to read. I also suggested to her the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is like HP meets Greek Mythology.

We are reading one book a month and then watching the corresponding movie.

Harry Potter and . . . (read by date)

(1) the Sorcerer's Stone 2/17

(2) the Chamber of Secrets 3/17

(3) the Prisoner of Azkaban 4/17

(4) the Goblet of Fire 5/17

(5) the Order of the Phoenix 6/17

(6) the Half-Blood Prince 7/17

(7) the Deathly Hallows

We will read the book and then watch the movie on (or around) the 17th of each month. After we see the 6th movie in theaters we will read book seven. If anyone one wants to reread the series and watch the movies with us please do. You can even join us for movie night if you want to skip the reading.

No matter how many times I view this trailer it still gives me the chills.


Matt said...

Deal. I read and study the books (yes, all of them) once a month anyway and watch at least one of the movies a week (except for the third because it's excrement), so you know I'm in.

There will never be a bigger Potter geek than me (except for maybe Emerson Spartz and Jo herself)...

Travis and Beckey said...

Rachael, my Madison is a HP FREAK! She is seriously obsessed (She got it from McKenzie who is also a freak about it) Madison has read the entire series 3 times and some of the books (I think books 1-4)4 times. She is only 9 1/2. So I have started reading the books so I know what all the hype is. (I've seen all of the movies, but the books are always better right) have seen that trailer many many times!

So do you read them aloud to your kids when you say you read one a month and then watch the movie?