Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Crazy Hair

Periodically I try to manage (aka play with) Corban's thick mane using various hair products. He will not allow a hair cut right now, so with such long (yes, that is long- I like to buzz it short) hair it is funny to put pomade and hairspray in to make it crazy. He was upset with me 3 days ago and said he didn't want "cute" hair as I tried to style it.

Well, yesterday he disappeared for a minute and came back smelling like hairspray. He had his hair all funky and said, "mom, I look crazy!" It was awesome. He was smiling all weird. Funny kid. When I went to take a picture he kept rubbing his hands together. . . Ok, Mr Burns.


Plowmanators said...

That is funny. That is like Nate's hair without product :)

Gordon E. said...

Oh my, is your mother happy. New pictures of the grandkids. I am in heaven. TOTAL CUTENESS!!!!

Lindsay said...

Corban is such a hoot! (I love that word, hoot.)

Love you and miss you!

Marianne said...

Cute kids! He did a good job! Hey- if you'd like to post anything on my Teaching My Kids blog, you're more than welcome. You're listed as a contributor, so feel free to contribute at any time. You're such a good Mom- I'm sure you could give great ideas. Thanks again for your post on yoga. That was very fun!

The Newest Mexicans said...

Rachael.... um..... I need more.