Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We were hanging out at my parent's and Corban brought a stool in the front room (sorry mom) and Izzy followed suit. What follows are a few examples of their shenanigans. They are SOOOO cute!


Gordon E. said...

TOTAL CUTENESS!!!!!! I watched the clips about nine times each.

Becca said...

Wow. They are a real pair of entertainers aren't they! I wish Carter would hang out for that long to sing that many songs! When the kids give the green light, we have to take as many pics/videos as possible, right? They both are dressed in such cute outfits!

Gordon E. said...

Hey Rachael,
I need more and up to date photo's of my grandchildren.
Love you lots,

April said...

Rach Your kids are such dolls. we need to get together and go out to lunch or something

Ashley said...

So cute! Children are the best entertainers! They are adorable, Rach!